How Fast Will I Get My Domain?

Here at we want you to receive your domain name as fast as possible. Therefore  you can rely on secure purchases and really fast domain transfers when you buy a premium domain name on our site!

Depending on the state of the domain, for instance if it is currently owned by someone else – or available for an immediate sale, domain transfer times may vary according to below:

Instant Transfer

If you buy a new domain name that is currently not registered elsewhere, you will become the sole owner of that domain and it will be transferred to you instantly.

Click here to search for instant transfer domain names.

Fast Transfer

Some domain registrars enable instant transfers when the domain is sold within their own partner network, for instance at GoDaddy and Afternic.

If a domain is listed on our website as a “Fast Transfer” domain, this means that it can be transferred to you immediately most of the time. In some very rare cases, however, the transfer process will take a couple of hours. This is why we list these domains as “Fast Transfers”.

Standard Transfer

If the domain is listed as a “Standard Transfer” domain, it will have to be manually transferred to you. This is usually the case if the domain is already registered and owned by someone else.

Since this person or company may reside in another time zone, please allow 24-48 hours for a standard transfer to complete. Don’t worry though as we overlook the whole process and make sure that the domain is promptly transferred to its rightful owner.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about domain transfers from our portfolio.


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